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Bouncing Back

"It's not Business, It's Personal"

Covid-19 has taken its toll on local businesses.  In this Rogers TV mini docu-series Adam talks to 7 business owners to learn how they are coping through the Pandemic.

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Entertaining yet profound conversations about the current unique and controversial culinary state of the world.

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Apple Pie

Big Flavour Lite

Indulgent food for every day life.  A show where we take indulgent foods and tone down the "bad for you" without compromising on flavour.

Coming soon to Rogers TV



Heard Mentality is more than just a Coaching, Consulting & Modern Media Firm, we are a family!


We believe that through helping others grow their business with sincerity and passion we can help our clients (who we also like to think of as family) foster a renewed and positive outlook on their business, and maybe even life itself. This is why we think of our business mission as a "Mentality" not just a set of standards or guidelines.


With leaders in the Food, Health and Manufacturing industries, we work tirelessly for our clients to ensure their goals, both personal and professional are met. We what to ensure not only that you see increased flow, ROI and brand awareness, but that YOU feel great about this as well, because:

 "Its not Just's personal!"


-Adam Heard


How we are Pivoting

Times are tough for most small and medium sized businesses right now. We are no different! As budgets tighten, often consulting, marketing and media are among the first to be cut. 

So, we have taken to Zoom and other platforms to continue to help you the individual, the entrepreneur, or the business manager as best we can!



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